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Periphery Premiere "Marigold" Music Video

Periphery have released a new song and animated music video, "Marigold." You can check it out below.

The prog-metal group will release its fifth album, Periphery III: Select Difficulty, July 22 via Sumerian Records.

“’Marigold’ was written pretty early in the album writing sessions,” guitarist Mark Holcomb says. “It had been a song that anchored the songwriting direction for P3. The technicality, sense of melody, orchestration and big choruses lend itself to what I feel most of this record is about.”

Wes Richardson directed the video. He had previously worked with the band on the video for “Alpha,” from the band’s 2015 Juggernaut releases.

“Working with Wes has become second nature for the band,” Holcomb says. “This is his fourth video for us. Not only is he uniquely gifted but he also understands the visual aesthetic of Periphery, as well as having a sense of humor that runs parallel to ours.”