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Rob Scallon Plays "Metal in Very Inappropriate Places"

(Image credit: The YouTubes)

Rob Scallon, that uber-talented guitar-playing, video-making guy from the ever-fascinating world of YouTube, is back with a new video.

The new clip, "Metal in Very Inappropriate Places," is the sequel—if you will, and I know you will—to "Metal in Inappropriate Places," which has chalked up almost 5 million views since it was posted in early September 2014.

For your boundless viewing pleasure, we've provided both videos below.

This time, Scallon brings metal to a host of new (and, duh, inappropriate) places, including a wedding, the car he's driving, a yoga studio, a bowling alley (although many former and current bowling alleys are now—or at least were—rock venues), an otherwise peaceful canoe/lake setting, a bathroom (which happens to be very much in use) and a few other places—and he even got his local police involved, which is kinda cool. Be sure to check it out below.

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