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'SNL' Guitarist Jared Scharff Adds "Unnecessary Shredding" to Ed Sheeran's "Don't" — Video

Saturday Night Live guitaristJared Scharff has a web series called Unnecessary Shredding.

In it, Scharff adds lots of tasteful shredding to songs that are devoid of shredding—if not devoid of guitars, period.

In the series' newest video, posted to the interwebs August 11, Scharff adds some unnecessary shredding to "Don't," by Ed Sheeran.

"Ed is a genius songwriter. His lyrics, flow, melodies, etc. are just insane," Scharff says. "This song has a sick beat my the maestro Benny Blanco. Of course, I had to jam on this one.

"I'm using my Nash Strat that I got my first season on SNL in 2007 through a vintage Vox AC30." Opinions?