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The Texas K.G.B. Premiere "Frangela" Music Video

The Texas K.G.B. (from left): Violet Lea, Kody Lee, Kelly Green and Jace.

The Texas K.G.B. (from left): Violet Lea, Kody Lee, Kelly Green and Jace. (Image credit: Mark Bickham/Special Event Photography)

Today, Guitar World and the Texas K.G.B. have gotten together to premiere "Frangela," a new performance clip by the rootsy Texas-based quartet. The track is from the band's latest album, 2017's Welcome Home, and all the footage was shot by Paul Galvan at the band's record-release show in Austin.

"'Frangela' is a true story written about a couple named Fred and Angela," says singer and lead guitarist Kelly Green, who also wrote the tune. "They live deep in the woods of the northern Georgia mountains where my brother, [drummer] Kody [Lee], and I grew up. The song describes what it's like to lead a care-free life off the grid."

The group, which is rounded out by Violet Lea (bass) and Jace (rhythm guitar), has been called Austin's very own "original Americana" band. Their magnetic and emotion-packed sets and releases seamlessly blend Americana, classic rock, country, blues and funk—all of which is slathered with a heaping helping of guitar. You can check out Green's primal, gripping fretwork in the clip below—especially at the 1:31 and 2:53 points.

"I grew up in a house where Stevie Ray Vaughan was always being played, so I can't deny he is a huge influence," says Green, who finesses a Godin Guitars 5th Avenue Uptown (the band even performed at Godin's NAMM booth last month in Anaheim). "I'm also really inspired by Joe Walsh, Bruce Kulick and Mark Farner from Grand Funk Railroad—but I'd have to say my biggest influence would be my father, B.B. Lee."

Welcome Home was recorded at the Fabulous 512 Studios in Austin and produced by Omar Vallejo and the Texas K.G.B.

For more about the band, their live shows, new album and a whole lot more, check out

The Texas K.G.B.'s Kelly Green in action.

The Texas K.G.B.'s Kelly Green in action. (Image credit: Mark Bickham/Special Event Photography)
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