Exotic Techniques: Tapped String Skipping Arpeggios

Here's an easy way to pull off some very fast and exotic arpeggios without even breaking a sweat.

My entire approach to playing has always been making things easy, and I love licks that sound harder than they really are. I like to think of it as working smarter, not harder.

These particular arpeggios are demonstrated here in groupings of four, but once you master them and make them a part of your regular arsenal, you will find other rhythmic groupings and clever ways to utilize them in your playing.

Although I use my pinky finger for this Em7 arpeggio, if your dexterity is very high between your index and ring fingers, you can execute FIGURE A effortlessly without your smaller digit. A string dampener (hair scrunchie) is recommended.

FIGURE B is Cadd9/E, which is only a half step up in the tapped note from the previous completely different shape. Now we basically know the shape of a major and minor arpeggio with only half the work!

FIGURE C is a Bm7 arpeggio that seems to come off quite easily, and FIGURE D is a Cmaj7/B. We include the B in the bass to make this arpeggio very easy to voice without much uncomfortable stretching. That's the trick to making these arpeggios simple: Remember you can create as many inversions as you want to simplify the arpeggio shape for your economic pleasure.

Finally, the last example takes all these arpeggios and puts them together in a sequenced progression, doubling each one to make it more fun.

All the figures -- A through D (and beyond) -- follow the video below.

Cyamak Ashtiani is an award-winning rock/pop guitarist and songwriter who has written, toured and recorded with a multitude of major and indie recording artists. Recently, he has toured with Rockstar: Supernova's Lukas Rossi and country/rap artist Mikel Knight. You can catch his new project with former Dry Cell frontman Jeff Gutt at ShadesOfTheVillain.com and his clothing line at 1251Clothing.com, of which he is a cofounder.

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