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Get a Free 'The Alchemical Guitarist 2: Fretboard Secrets Unlocked!' Lesson by Richard Lloyd

Right now, you can download a free The Alchemical Guitarist 2: Fretboard Secrets Unlocked! lesson at the Guitar World Lessons webstore.

In this follow-up to The Alchemical Guitarist, Richard Lloyd, visionary guitar educator and founding member of the band Television, continues his fascinating exploration of the guitar’s fretboard and reveals its seemingly magical secrets and logical symmetry.

Picking up where he left off, Richard presents another 12 very useful lessons on such topics as learning scales up and down each string, arpeggio “maps” across the neck, the secret behind the circle of fourths/fifths progressions, playing walking bass lines on the guitar, triad inversions, the pivitol role of the tritone (a.k.a. the “Devil’s interval”), different chord qualities, using pentatonic bends to make your playing mistake-free, double pull-offs and hammer-ons in open position, the interrelationship of diatonic thirds, sixths and 10ths, how to play patterns used by Paul McCartney and Django Reinhardt, and much more!

Although the first lesson is free, you can get all 12 The Alchemical Guitarist 2 lessons for only $14.99.

For more information, visit the Guitar World Lessons Webstore and download the App now.