Kristiine Silinja: "I love exploration, adventures, and freedom. All that comes with a six-string bass"

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"I’m a solo artist, currently residing in Helsinki, Finland, originally from Tallinn, Estonia. I started my bass journey in my late teens in a local cover band focusing on progressive metal – a tough start for a beginner! 

"I tried several metal and cover projects, but I always yearned to do something different – to deviate, create something of my own, and find my place. I’ve finally come to the point where I know I am a melodic bass player, a soloist, and that I can arrange everything on basses.  

"As a kid, I was told that I was musically deaf with absolutely no potential whatsoever, so I grew up with no musical instruments – but music was always part of my life. I grew tired of hearing ‘you cannot’, and wanted to overcome that by trying to believe in myself – not an easy task, I must say. 

"At first, I played an acoustic guitar, but our relationship simply didn’t work out. We were not meant for each other. I started to think that I really was hopeless, as everyone said, until one day I was invited to see a local band rehearse, and the boy I fancied at that time played a very peculiar instrument. 

My six-string is my main bass and my muse. I love exploration, adventures, and freedom. All that comes perfectly with a six-string

"That instrument, the bass, spoke to me and never left my mind. I knew I had to try it. The boy is long forgotten. My true date was bass! The very first bass I bought was a Yamaha RBX260 with Rotosound strings. It was light, blue and I loved it.

"Nowadays, I play a Marleaux Consat six-string. I also have a four-string Marleaux Soprano and a five-string Consat. My six-string is my main bass and my muse; it is the most suitable bass for me. I love exploration, adventures, and freedom. All that comes perfectly with a six-string.

"As I am a melodic bassist, having a greater range and more options is simply a must. I can play grooves and rhythmic parts in a low range, I can improvise solos in mid and high ranges, and let melodies flow on top of any of those. It’s more physically challenging, but the challenge has always attracted me.

"I have small hands, but I feel comfortable playing the Consat six-string. The bass sings – I’m lucky to have found it! My Marleaux basses have Delano humbuckers, and I use Curt Mangan strings and an Ebow.

Don’t focus on any negativity. Let it be about the bass, music, passion, and fun

"Two bassists that made my heart stop are Michael Manring and Zander Zon. I had the honour of meeting Michael, he’s so inspiring. I also admire Geddy Lee, Les Claypool, Tony Levin and Andre Mueller.

"Recently, I’ve been working on writing my own compositions, and this year I will be releasing an EP and an album. After that, I’m looking forward to working on collaborative projects, as well as recording covers of my favorite video game and movie soundtracks.

"My advice? Bond with the instrument, believe in yourself, and enjoy every note and moment you play. Do what feels most right, play what makes your soul rejoice, and don’t let anyone bring you down. Treasure the people who support you, embrace different points of view, and don’t focus on any negativity. Let it be about the bass, music, passion, and fun. Enjoy every single note and moment."

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