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Take the Led Zeppelin Guitar Solo Video Challenge and Compete for a Supro Amp, Fender Telecaster and More!

Led Zeppelin's debut album, Led Zeppelin, has been a source of inspiration — and challenge — for guitarists since it was originally released in early 1969.

Now it's time to challenge you!

Guitar World and Supro Amps have gotten together to present the Led Zeppelin Guitar Solo Video Challenge. The winner will receive a new Supro 1624T Dual-Tone guitar amp (MSRP $1,459)!

The winner also will receive a Fender Classic Series '60s Telecaster, a copy of Guitar World Editor-in-Chief Brad Tolinski's latest book, Light & Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page (signed by Tolinski), and the Guitar World instructional DVD, How to Play the Best of Led Zeppelin!

You can check out photos of all the prizes in the photo gallery below.

NOTE: This contest is open only to residents of the United States. You must submit your video to Guitar World by December 10, 2014.

Here's what's involved:

Film yourself playing your own version of Jimmy Page's iconic "Good Times Bad Times" guitar solo! Use the studio version of the solo as your guide (You can hear it below), but feel free to put your own spin on the solo. You might get special consideration for originality! You can hear both original solos via the YouTube players below.

Next, upload your video to YouTube and send the link — along with your FULL NAME and COMPLETE U.S. ADDRESS — to Guitar World at Note that you will not be considered an entrant unless you include your name and U.S. address with your video.

The videos will be viewed by members of the Guitar World staff, plus celebrity judges who will be named later. We'll pick a winner by December 25, 2014!

Good luck!

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