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Jan Laurenz Plays BearTrax Alpen Tap Guitar — Video

Today we bring you another totally-not-new video!

However, it wound up in our inbox over the crazy-long holiday break, and we thought we'd share it anyway.

It's a clip of a guitarist named Jan Laurenz performing a piece he identifies merely as an "old folk song." The catch, I suppose, is that he's playing it on a custom-made BearTrax tap guitar.

This is a 12-string, semi-solid Alpen model; you'll notice its 12 strings are spaced as they'd be spaced on a six-string guitar, so it has an ultra-wide neck. You'll also notice that Laurenz frets—but doesn't pluck—the melody line on the bottom six strings, while plucking the top six strings (he also taps on the top six strings mid-way through the performance).

For more about Laurenz, follow him on YouTube. For more about this guitar, including several more photos and specs, head here. And no, I don't know Laurenz or the guys at BearTrax Guitars; I just think it's cool!