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Visual Sound Introduces VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive Pedal

Visual Sound has introduced its VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive pedal.

The right channel has pronounced mids without being honky. In addition to Drive, Tone and Volume knobs, it has a 3-way Clipping (diodes) switch, a 3-way Bass switch and a Clean Mix knob.

The left channel also has Drive, Tone and Volume knobs, along with a Bass knob, but with flat mids, making it sound very amp-like. The VS-XO is a tone-experimenter’s dream pedal. The sound options are nearly endless.

The VS-XO is the first Visual Sound pedal to incorporate True-Bypass, but done our way. Bob Weil invented new foot-switches which look traditional, but interact with gold-plated relays and will last forever. RG Keen invented a circuit to keep them quiet. You also have the choice of internally switching the Pure Tone buffer on or off with each channel.

If you use a switching system or want to change the order of effects, no problem; separate Ins and Outs allow for that. If you just want to plug one cable in and one out normally, you can do that too. And since we didn’t skimp on anything having to do with reliability, the new VS-XO is covered by the Visual Sound Lifetime Warranty.

The pedal offers the custom-designed Forever Footswitch, which is rated for 10 million hits.

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