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Exclusive Video Lesson: Guitarist Bill Hudson Shows How to Play "E.G.O." — Part 2

Here's another exclusive video lesson by guitarist Bill Hudson of Circle To Circle. It's a continuation of Hudson's last lesson, where he showed you how to play one of his new solo tracks, "E.G.O."

In the first clip, Hudson played the entire song all the way through. You can check out the second part of the lesson below.

"Welcome to the second part of this tutorial," Hudson says. "Ah, the solo. that's where the fun really is! First of all, I'm sorry I forgot to upload the tab for this song on the last tutorial. But it's right here!

"This time, we'll go through the main guitar solo. Again, basically D aeolian, using Dm pentatonic (always with the blue note), as well as A harmonic minor. Watch out for the 16th note run on bar 95, as I'm using the major seventh (C#), but on bar 95 the seventh is minor (C ).

"To me, the most fun (and challenging) lick starts on bar 105 and ends on bar 109. I'm using pentatonic licks, chromatic scale and two sweep arpeggios at the end. Fun, fun, fun!"

While you're at it, check out the performance video of "E.G.O." below!