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Get a Free '20 Essential Acoustic Rock Licks' Lesson at the 'Guitar World Lessons' Store — Video

Want to master the ins and outs of acoustic rock guitar and learn the techniques of players like Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Neil Young and Bob Dylan?

20 Essential Acoustic Rock Licks will teach you how to play versatile rhythm patterns, arpeggiated open chords, open suspended chords and hammers and pulls.

Plus, you’ll learn the basics of playing in the styles of rockabilly, early rock and roll, the Beatles, Delta blues and more!

20 Essential Acoustic Rock Licks is now available through the through the Guitar World Lessons Webstore. It joins the ranks of the many lessons already available through Guitar World Lessons.

To celebrate this new release, Guitar World is offering the first 20 Essential Acoustic Rock Licks lesson, "Lick 1 – Basic Rhythm Pattern in C," as a FREE download! Note that all 20 20 Essential Acoustic Rock Licks lessons are available—as a package—for only $14.99.

For more information, visit the Guitar World Lessons Webstore and download the App now.

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