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June 2016 Guitar World Gear and Lesson Videos

These videos and audio files are bonus content related to the June 2016 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now or at the Guitar World Online Store.

Lesson Videos

Andy Aledort Lesson: Slide Guitar — How to Get the Most Out of Open E Tuning

Joel Hoekstra Lesson: Enhancing a Basic Progression with Unusual Arpeggios

Tommy Emmanuel Lesson: How to Play My Rendition of Martin Taylor’s “One Day”

Jimmy Brown Lesson: A Guide to Basic Jazz-Blues Changes

Mark Holcomb Lesson: Using Unusual Tunings to Create Fresh, Unique Riffs

Bass Camp by Matt Scharfglass: How to Change Your Bass Strings

Audio Lesson Files

Dale Turner Lesson: The Brilliant Playing of Biréli Lagrène

Gear Review Videos

Review: Dunlop JP95 John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah

Review: EVH 5150 III 15-Watt LBX Head

Review: Ibanez Guitars Prestige Talman TM1702M and TM1730