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My Playlist! Keith Nelson and Stevie D. of Buckcherry Pick the Top 5 Songs on Their iPods

Below, Buckcherry guitarists Stevie D. and Keith Nelson pick the top five tracks they're currently listening to on their respective iPods.

Enjoy the list — and note that Buckcherry’s latest album, Confessions, was released February 13.

01. “High Wire,” Badlands

NELSON “Post-Ozzy Jake E. Lee. It’s a really underrated album. I’m not a fan of Eighties pointy-headstock guitar playing, but Jake plays it so in-your-face that this just can’t be denied.”

02. “Run Outta You,” Vintage Trouble

STEVIE D. “Nalle Colt, the guitarist from this band, is the real deal. Throughout The Bomb Shelter Sessions, it’s apparent he’s done his homework: riffs, solos, space…and above all else, soul. My vote for best new guitarist.”

03. “Mr. Big,” Free

NELSON “Paul Kossoff was a master of space, note selection and placement, and he had a mind-blowing vibrato. Andy Frazier’s bass playing was the perfect complement, together with Simon Kirke’s drumming. Plus, they had Paul Rodgers, my favorite voice in recorded music.”

04. “Next Door Neighbor Blues,” Gary Clark Jr.

STEVIE D. “I know there’s a big bandwagon for this guy, but I don’t care. He’s fucking good. In a digital world filled with bad metal and pop, Gary Clark Jr. is unafraid. He can hold it down with just a Dobro, kick drum and his voice. Robert Johnson would be proud.”

05. “American Girl,” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

NELSON “Mike Campbell always plays perfect for the song. It’s always memorable, and he never oversteps. Tom Petty is the three-chord Picasso. Together, they are the perfect combination.”

Photo: Neil Zlozower

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