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The Beach Boys Plan June Release For New Album

According to Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, the legendary group are eyeing a June 5 release date for their new, as-yet-untitled album.

"It's all brand new," Johnston said in a new interview with Billboard. "There's a lot of what you'd hope to hear from Brian [Wilson] on there. It's not a quilt or a pot luck dinner; it's not like, 'OK, everybody show up with your songs.' It's not one of those kind of albums."

He continued, "There's a lot of Brian in there, and Mike [Love]. It's just nice to know there is a Mike Love and a Brian Wilson still around to write together."

According to Johnston, the lead single will be a song titled "That's Why God Made The Radio," which was originally supposed to be the title track of the album before being deemed as being too long.

The Beach Boys hit the road starting today, with dates keeping them on the road all the way through August.