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Behold the PeacePoti, a new pedal solution that eliminates accidental changes to your onstage settings

A Kickstarter has been launched for PeacePoti
(Image credit: PeacePoti)

We’ve all had it happen – your foot hits an effect pedal onstage, or a guitar cord runs over its knobs, and all of a sudden you’re no longer dialed into your favorite setting.

But fear not - guitarist and music gear enthusiast Mike Seidl has the solution to your pedal problems. The Vienna, Austria-based designer has developed the PeacePoti, a pedal knob solution that “eliminates accidental changes while still enabling direct adjustments on the fly.”

Essentially, the PeacePoti replaces conventional effect pedal pot knobs with a protective sleeve and integrated dial. The outer sleeve, crafted from mostly recycled steel, eliminates the possibility of accidental changes, while the plastic recyclate dial (designed in the shape of a peace symbol, hence the name) provides full knob functionality using your pick or a fingernail.

Said Seidl, “When you take the stage, all the settings on your effect devices have been carefully considered and set up and then ... one clumsy tap, a little carelessness and your precious settings are history. And your performance inevitably suffers. This problem just had to be addressed.”

Seidl is launching the PeacePoti, which can be used on a wide range of pedals, on Kickstarter today, December 17.

One set of PeacePotis, which replace two pot knobs, will be offered for $28.50, with a discount of up to 20% available.

For more information, head to PeacePoti.