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Billie Joe Armstrong to Star in Film Version of 'American Idiot'

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong will star in the silver screen version of American Idiot. The film will be based on the hit Broadway show, which brings to life characters from Green Day's 2004 album.

Tom Hanks' Playtone Productions is developing the film version of the musical, and it is expected it to hit theaters sometime in 2013.

Armstrong will be reprising his role of St. Jimmy from several performances of the show on Broadway.

Playtone is hoping that American Idiot can match or exceed the company's last (and only) endeavor into musicals, Mamma Mia!.

“If we can do that," said Playtone’s Gary Goetzman, "it’d be a genre that’s as respected as any produced by the studios. Maybe there will be three musicals a year, maybe five. I think that’s important, otherwise we’d just have this tentpole mentality where if it’s not based on a comic book or costs $200 million, you're stacked in like pillars. We need all these genres to be respected, and we need the studios not to be afraid of them.”