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Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal Torture Test: How Durable Is It? — Video

Boss is apparently offering a five-year warranty on all its compact pedals.

Ergo, several employees of Sheehans Music in the U.K. grabbed their coats, scarves and shovels and came up with a series of tests to see just how likely it is that you’ll ever need said warranty.

Below, check out Sheehans' new video, "Boss DS-1 Pedal Review—How durable is it?," which was posted April 1.

You can probably skip the first part of the clip, which shows a man and woman throwing the DS1 around in a park and trying to get it through a basketball hoop (It's nice to see basketball hoops in the U.K., by the way!). Most pedals would easily withstand such treatment (mine certainly do).

Things get a bit more interesting, however, when the shovels and cars come out!

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