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Cicognani Engineering is bringing SexyBoost back with its new tube-equipped boost pedal

Cicognani SexyBoost2
(Image credit: Godlyke Distributing)

Italian pedal maker Cicognani Engineering has announced its latest all-analog boost pedal, the SexyBoost2.

Designed by “The Guru” Guglielmo Cicognani, the brilliantly named pedal features two discrete footswitchable channels, and is centered around a 12AU7/ECC82 preamp tube. 

The first channel is a clean boost with a gain range between -30dB and +10dB, while the second is a dedicated midrange boost with a gain range between -30dB and +8dB. A third control knob is also featured for cutting the signal's Treble/Bass frequencies.

Other features of the Italian-made stompbox include red and green LED indicators for channel selection and true bypass switching.

As distributor Godlyke says, “The SexyBoost2 was born with two objectives: a transparent signal boost to enlarge your sound for fat rhythms and to increase your volume for searing solos.”

The SexyBoost2 is available now for $279. For more information, head to Godlyke Distributing.

Cicognani SexyBoost2

(Image credit: Godlyke Distributing)
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