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Conjure a “leviathanic wall of fuzz” with Red Witch and Reverb’s new Seraphina pedal

(Image credit: Red Witch)

Red Witch and have teamed up on the Seraphina, a limited-edition offering that the company is calling “a fuzz pedal unlike any that Red Witch has offered before.”

The handmade fuzz octave boasts four germanium diodes, through-hole components and Wima Capacitors.

Controls include three external, top-side-mounted dials for Fuzz, Tone and Volume, as well as footswitches to engage the pedal and for octave up.

There are also two internal trim pots for additional tone sculpting: the first sets the “flavor” of octave up, while the second allows the user to set the overall fuzz girth.

The Seraphina is true bypass and runs on 9V power.

The pedal is available for $299.99 exclusively at Red Witch’s Reverb store, and is limited to 100 units.

To pick one up, head to Reverb.