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Demo Video: Eventide H9 Core Harmonizer Stompbox

In this new video, Alan Chaput from Eventide demos the company's new Eventide H9 Core.

The H9 Core delivers the sounds of Eventide’s H910 and H949 harmonizers, the prized studio processors used on stage by Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen. All of Eventide’s stompbox effects, including new H9 exclusives, UltraTap Delay and Resonator, can be added to H9 Core.

H9 Core features a simple, one-knob user interface and is fully featured as a standalone stompbox.

Using H9 Core with the H9 Control app for Windows, OSX (via USB) or iOS (wirelessly via Bluetooth) makes creating and managing presets, live control and in-app algorithm purchases easy. H9 owners can sync up to five H9s to a single account so their H9 algorithms can be used by five H9s simultaneously.

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