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Dunlop Introduces Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face Pedal

Dunlop has officially announced the release of the Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face, which Guitar World checked out at Winter NAMM in January.

Johnson is famous for his refined tonal palette and discerning selection of effects, and he's relied on vintage Fuzz Faces for years. But Dunlop set out to create a Fuzz Face that recreated the vintage sounds of those pedals while delivering modern consistency.

Johnson allowed Dunlop's Fuzz Face expert, Jeorge Tripps, to get inside his prized late ’60s Fuzz Faces in order to produce a model worthy enough to bear the tone connoisseur’s own name.

For more about the new Fuzz Face, including interviews with Johnson and Tripps, visit the Fuzz Face page at

Check out the two videos below. One is an official Dunlop video about the new pedal (featuring Eric Johnson); the other is a brief Guitar World demo video from NAMM 2012.