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Eddie Van Halen memorial planned in Pasadena to honor iconic guitarist

Eddie Van Halen
(Image credit: Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

A memorial to honor legendary Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen is being planned in Pasadena, California, where the band formed almost 50 years ago.

The guitar icon passed away on October 6 following a lengthy battle with throat cancer, prompting an outpouring of grief from the guitar community

Fans left tributes to Eddie both at his childhood home in Pasadena, and on Allen Avenue, the street where he and his brother Alex scratched their band's name into the wet cement of a sidewalk when they were teenagers.

An agenda report for a Pasadena City Council meeting taking place today (October 26) – as reported on Blabbermouth – discusses numerous proposals for the planned memorial.

They include the suggested renaming of a street or alleyway near the Van Halen home, as well as a public monument, potentially at Pasadena Convention Center and Civic Auditorium, the location of several of Van Halen's earliest performances.

The report states: “Since his passing, Pasadena has received several requests and suggestions from the community to do or name something in Van Halen’s [honor] to [recognize] both his local connection to Pasadena, as well as the impact that his artistry had on music.”

It continues: “Given the band’s connection to Pasadena and the hometown pride expressed by its residents, several requests have been made to name a street, alley or other monument in his [honor].

Eddie Van Halen

(Image credit: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)

“A strip of curb on North Allen near the Van Halen home on Las Lunas street has served as a make-shift memorial site since his passing, helping to prompt a broader discussion of a local memorial.

Discussing the implications regarding the potential renaming of a street near the Van Halen home, the report goes on: “Although the idea is reasonable, the street renaming process is not conducive to a predominately residential area should it become a destination for fans and visitors.”

Another proposed street for renaming is Electric Drive, situated at the back of the Raymond Theater – an auditorium once owned by David Lee Roth's father, and early Van Halen rehearsal location.

Regarding the proposed public monument, the report said: “The Pasadena Center Operating Company (PCOC) has been approached by an individual interested in hosting a virtual benefit concert with proceeds raised funding the construction of a statue or monument in the musician's honor.”

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