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Eddie Van Halen’s former guitar tech has plans to erect an EVH statue in Pasadena

Dutch-born American Rock musician Eddie Van Halen (1955 - 2020), of the group Van Halen, performs onstage at the Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, April 26, 1979.
(Image credit: Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Guitar Center recently unveiled Robert Vargas' "Long Live the King" Eddie Van Halen artwork, a massive 17ft by 105ft hand-painted design that covers the entire rear entrance of the flagship Guitar Center store on the iconic Sunset Strip.

Now, Eddie’s longtime electric guitar tech, Rudy Leiren, has plans in the works for a Pasadena memorial to the late guitar great.

According to Pasadena Now, Leiren is “chairing a team that will bring a memorial statue honoring the late, great guitar virtuoso to Pasadena, California.” The statement goes on to say that details will be announced soon for all to participate.

Almost immediately following Van Halen’s death last October at the age of 65, the city began receiving requests to pay tribute to the guitarist, who grew up in Pasadena.

“The City is reviewing various ideas that have emerged in the last two months and the city has been in touch with the firm that represents the interests of Van Halen,” said Michelle Garrett, a special projects manager with the city.

“At the appropriate time, after a range of issues are more fully explored, staff will return to Council with an update on the type of memorial that respects the family’s wishes and complies with local guidelines for memorials.”