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Fast Car for Slow Hand: Eric Clapton Spends $4.75 Million on One-Off Ferrari

Maybe Eric Clapton decided he deserved a special birthday present -- from himself.

Clapton, who will turn 67 this Friday, recently blew 3 million pounds (about $4.75 million US) on a one-off Ferrari built by the company's secretive Special Projects division, reports London's Daily Mail.

Clapton is a renowned car collector who owns some of the greatest Ferraris ever built. But for his latest indulgence, he worked with Ferrari to rebody a model 458 Italia. The new creation was designed as an homage to Clapton's old 1970s Ferrari 512, which the guitarist crashed a few years back.

The car, which doesn't have a model name or number, bears a distinctive license plate, SP 12 EPC, which, according to the Daily Mail, is understood to represent Special Projects plus the guitarist's initials (The P is for Patrick).

Although Ferrari hasn't disclosed the car's price tag, experts suggest it cost Clapton 3 million pounds, based on past creations by the Special Projects division. This makes it six times more expensive than Ferrari's most expensive production car, the Enzo.

For more on this story -- and car -- watch the shaky video below and check out the Daily Mail's story.