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Foxgear debuts hugely versatile XYZ Waves modulation and Jeenie amp/cab/mic sim pedals

(Image credit: Foxgear Pedals)

Foxgear has introduced two new stompboxes, the XYZ Waves multi-algorithm modulation effect pedal and the Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface.

The XYZ Waves boasts five modulation algorithms: Chorus, Phase, Tremolo, Envelope Filter and Polypitch.

Three multifunction controls (X, Y and Z) tweak various parameters for each effect, offering “unprecedented control and versatility.”

There’s also a 100 percent analog signal path and true bypass switching.

The Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface, meanwhile, offers amp, cab and microphone simulations for home practice or recording applications.

The pedal is based on a proprietary circuit Foxgear calls ADEQ – a 20 band analog active EQ section that is digitally controlled to create five different presets of amp/cab/mic complete simulation.

Pedals can be connected in front of the Jeenie, and backing tracks can be run through the unit via the aux in.

The Jeenie boasts a Class-A FET preamp section, and the adaptive tone stack features an active three-band EQ. A Rig selector adds cab and mic responses.

The XYZ is offered for $129, while the Jeenie is available for $149.

For more information, head to Foxgear Pedals.