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Guitar stars including Mateus Asato, Felix Martin and Allen Hinds tear it up in this insane all-star jam

LA-based prog metal band the Resonance Project is composed of electric guitar player and bassist Yas Nomura and drummer Lang Zhao, and the two have put together a video jam of their song Neo Thangka featuring solos from some of today’s biggest YouTube guitar stars.

The killer lineup is highlighted by Mateus Asato, who also plays a guest solo on the original Neo Thangka, and also features Jack Gardiner, Colin Cook, Felix Martin and Josh De La Victoria. The guitar onslaught is rounded out by Allen Hinds, who is also Nomura’s mentor.

Nomura and Zhao received solo clips from all the guitarists and then arranged the orders based on each one’s “beginning and ending notes, groove, and energy level to make sure it flows smoothly as a whole tune.”

You can check out the impressive results above, and for more on the Resonance Project, head to their official YouTube channel.