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Guitarist Steve Trovato Endorses Celestion Speakers

Guitarist Steve Trovato has joined forces with Celestion Speakers.

Trovato, who is recognized for his chops in blues, jazz and country, relies on his equipment to help translate his playing on a daily basis. Solidifying his relationship with Celestion allows him to further explore the world of sonic textures and will provide new opportunities on his new CD release in 2011.

Trovato’s two previous releases, It’s About Time… in 2001 and Country Jazzmaster in 2007 have led to many accolades including most recently, the headlining spot at the All Star Guitar Night in January.

By the time he was inducted into In Tune magazine’s Hall of Fame, Trovato was staying busy with performances alongside artists such as Albert Lee, Albert Collins, Robben Ford and Scott Henderson. Trovato has contributed guitar to countless audio, television and soundtrack recordings.

“I’m now using the Celestion Alnico gold models," Trovato says. "I have both the 10-inch and 12-inch versions. I love both of them. I replaced the speakers in my Fender Vibro King with the 10’s and it made the amp sound even more "Fender." They also tighten up the bottom end when I really crank it. I added the single 12-inch to my rig to really round out the low end of my tone. The combination is unbelievable.”