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Heather Brown Electronicals’ Blessed Mother V2 is an overdrive pedal sent from the heavens

(Image credit: courtesy of Heather Brown Electronicals)

Heather Brown Electronicals has released an updated version of its Blessed Mother overdrive/boost effect pedal.

The new V2 model offers the same germanium/silicone diode combination, only with increased output and headroom for broader tone control, as well as the option of 9V or 18V operation.

Otherwise, the pedal features a straightforward control set consisting of volume, drive, treble and bass knobs.

There’s also a fifth control, an adjustable transparency function dubbed the Immaculator, which allows the user to blend back in a guitar’s dry signal and employ the pedal, if desired, as a clean boost.

(Image credit: courtesy of Heather Brown Electronicals)

Other features include true-bypass switching and a very cool 'halo' LED that stays lit when the pedal is engaged.

The Blessed Mother V2 is available now for $220. For more information or to purchase, head over to