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Heavy Metal Cat Gets in the Way of Some Fine Shredding

We haven't shared a cat-related guitar video in a few years, but we like this one. And we think some of you guitar-playing cat owners might get a kick out of it.

As you'll see below, Toni Martinez, a.k.a. Tony Waka, recently tried to make a video showcasing his new music (and his impressive chops), but his chunky—and very pushy—cat, Botitas (Spanish for "little boots"), had a different "artistic vision" in mind.

In the clip, Botitas repeatedly gets in the way of Martinez's shredding, seemingly trying to join in—but inadvertently forcing him to shut it down. P.S.: We appreciate that Martinez pets Botitas whenever he can.

The name of the video on YouTube is "Shreddy Cat Fight." By the way, you can follow Botitas (the cat) on Facebook. She has her own page called Botitas—Shreddy Cat Fight. Enjoy!