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Hilbish Design’s Sol Invictus offers a two-channel preamp, drive pedal and DI in one stunning enclosure

(Image credit: Hilbish Design)

Virginia-based Hilbish Design has introduced the Sol Invictus, an all-in-one two-channel preamp, Bi-Amp rig, drive pedal and direct box.

The dual-channel preamp is based on Hilbish’s betaPREAMP, modeled on the classic SUNN Beta Lead and Bass amp. The two channels can be run independently or in parallel, and each channel features drive and level controls and an active three-band EQ.

When used as a preamp, the pedal can be plugged into any line level source, including a power amp, effects return on a guitar/bass amp or mixing console.

As a Bi-Amp rig, the individual channel outputs can be run into a stereo power amp. The instrument level output, meanwhile, turns the Sol Invictus into a drive pedal, with easily accessible overdrive, distortion and fuzz tones.

The pedal also includes a balanced TRS output for DI applications, and there are two footswitches – one for switching between channels A and B, and another to combine them in parallel – for channel control. A third footswitch bypasses the preamp when using the instrument output, and mutes the preamp when using any of the line level outputs.

The whole thing is wrapped up in a 14-gauge powder-coated steel enclosure featuring, like the company’s recent Pessimiser distortion pedal, very cool custom artwork by graphic designer Mackie Osborne.

The Sol Invictus is available for pre-order for $350. To pick one up, head to Hilbish Design.