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Cover Feature: 

This month, in an exclusive new interview, Jack White talks us through his guitar playing and songwriting approaches, how he balances his trademark fuzz guitar tones with synth sounds, and he discusses his gear preferences, from inexpensive junk-shop instruments to modern signature models. 

Also in our 22-page special feature: we chart Jack’s influence as a guitarist, writer, arranger, producer, and creator of a mini-empire in Third Man Records, and we profile some selected highlights of his extensive gear collection. Plus! We take you inside Jack’s playing style with our tab lessons, and show you how to play three awesome riffs from The White Stripes to Jack’s latest solo material.

Total Guitar Jack White issue cover

(Image credit: Eleanor Jane)


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Learn To Play:

The Police – Message In A Bottle

The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Greta Van Fleet – You're The One

The Black Keys – Wild Child


Fender Player Plus Meteora HH

Line 6 Catalyst 100 1X12 Combo

Jet Guitars JS-400

Headrush MX5 compact multi-fx floorboard

Maestro Invader Distortion


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