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Jeff Beck and Brian Wilson Announce 18-Date Fall Tour

This fall, guitar great Jeff Beck will be hitting the road with the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson.

The two legends struck up a friendship in 2006, and their bond has led to Beck being invited to play on Wilson's upcoming solo album. He'll also join him on an 18-date fall tour that kicks off September 27 in Hollywood, Florida, and ends October 27 in Akron, Ohio. Tickets will go on sale August 9. Visit for prices — and check out the dates below.

"He's got a truckload of hits to play, but we'll build on that and interact," Beck told USA Today. "Brian will kick things off, but I'll also be given enough time to establish what I'm about. In the end, we'll mix and match. It's a complete honor to be on stage with him."

Wilson added that Beck will "play in the pockets where I'm not singing. He brings that great guitar-player kind of thing to the picture."

Joining Wilson and Beck on stage will be Beach Boys Al Jardine and David Marks, both of whom are fresh off the Beach Boys' massive 50th anniversary tour.

Earlier this summer, Beck spoke to USA Today about working with — and being inspired by — Wilson.

"I needed musical help around 1966, and [the Beach Boys'] Pet Sounds was dressing on a wound for me with all its amazing melodies," Beck said. "I was floored by it. So were the Beatles. It was outrageously adventurous stuff for the ear."

According to Beck, Wilson's new album has "the flavor of Pet Sounds. "Once you hear it, you'll be whistling the songs for the rest of your life." Wilson says fans can expect "very mellow sounds, soft and sweet." Beck plays guitar on several tracks on the new album.

In April, Beck and Wilson teamed up to host a Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas.


  • Sept. 27: Hollywood, Fla.
  • Sept. 28: Tampa
  • Oct. 3: St. Augustine
  • Oct. 4: Atlanta
  • Oct. 5: Washington
  • Oct. 6: Bethlehem, Penn.
  • Oct. 8: Albany, N.Y.
  • Oct. 9: Boston
  • Oct. 11: Wallingford, Conn.
  • Oct. 12: Westbury, Conn.
  • Oct. 13: Philadelphia
  • Oct. 15: New York
  • Oct. 18: Las Vegas
  • Oct. 20: Los Angeles
  • Oct. 22: Oakland, Calif.
  • Oct. 25: Detroit
  • Oct. 26: Toronto
  • Oct. 27: Akron, Ohio