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JHS just recreated the legendary Lovetone Big Cheese - meet the Cheese Ball

Amongst pedal nerds, the Lovetone Big Cheese is the stuff of legend - the Edge, J Mascis, Kevin Shields… seriously, just take at the list of guitarists who love this thing - but there’s one problem: it’s been darn-near impossible to get hold of. Cue JHS and its newly announced replica, the Cheese Ball.

Like the original, the Cheese Ball delivers four flavors of spluttery fuzz and distortion, adjusted via tone, volume and gain controls.

As JHS founder Josh Scott says in the video above, "I meticulously replicated every finite detail of this original 1995 Lovetone Big Cheese and did it with precise detail, and didn't trust any of the currently available online schematics."

JHS Pedals Cheese Ball

(Image credit: JHS Pedals)

Plus, with a price tag of $179, it finally offers a way to get hold of accurate Big Cheese tones short of paying the $649 or so that original offerings command these days.

The Cheese Ball is available now - head over to JHS Pedals for more info.