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Korg Introduces Tiny New Slimpitch Tuner

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Korg has introduced its new Slimpitch tuner.

From the company:

For the traveling musician, choosing the right tuner just got easier with Korg’s new Slimpitch. The Slimpitch is a pocket-sized, hand-held chromatic tuner with a bright, full color display.

Its first-rate screen features high contrast and a wide viewing angle for remarkably easy tuning in a variety of situations.

Equipped to support all concert pitches, the Slimpitch includes a mini jack contact mic for high-precision tuning as well as a built-in magnet that allows the tuner to be securely fastened to a music stand or any metallic surface. The Slimpitch also features a memory backup function that preserves the user’s settings, even when the power is off.

Korg’s Slimpitch will be the staple for tuners everywhere.

For all things Korg, visit korg.com.

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