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Lars Ulrich on Metallica Collaborating with Lou Reed: "It's the Most Obvious Collaboration"

While Metallica's recent collaboration with Lou Reed -- which can be heard in full here -- left many fans scratching their heads, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich seems to think it was a no-brainer for West Coast thrash metal to collide with East Coast art rock.

Asked about whether or not there was any fear about how the album my be receieved, Ulrich told GQ: "No, I sense only joy and elation and the excitement of sharing this. I think it's the most obvious collaboration on this planet ever. It puts a smile on my face every time I read somebody saying, 'That's the oddest collaboration.' Can you think of people that are more suited for each other than Metallica and Lou Reed?"

You can read the full interview with Lars and Lou Reed here.

Lulu is out on November 1.