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Learn to play Tool’s Pneuma, straight from Adam Jones himself

(Image credit: David Edward)

We wouldn’t generally call Adam Jones a “playthrough” type of guy. But then again, these be strange days.

So much so that the Tool electric guitar player just posted a quick Instagram video demonstrating how to perform a bit of the Fear Inoculum track, Pneuma.

Regarding the fretwork, he writes in the accompanying caption:

“A little tutorial share. Dressing room guitar lesson of the last verse in Pneuma, made for my guitar friend and supporter Axe of Creation while we were on tour.”

As an extra tip, he adds, “Bassist Justin Chancellor stays on the original riff so there are some nice little conflicting moments between the two parts. Not difficult to play, but it’s very satisfying.”

You can check out Jones’ demo above, and since we all have some extra time on our hands, below you can find a longer Pneuma tutorial from the man we have to thank for all of this, Mr. Axe of Creation himself, Gregory Bolomey.