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Lick of the Day Challenge: Jeff Beck-Style Country Lick, Sponsored by PRS Guitars

Today's free lick of the day is brought to you by PRS guitars and is part of a new Lick of the Day Challenge!

Show us your chops for chance to win a PRS SE 20 Amp! Watch Paul Riario demonstrate a Country style Jeff Beck lick in the lesson below, then film yourself putting YOUR signature spin on Paul's lick and post the video as a response to ours on our YouTube page. The video with the most "likes" wins, so be sure to vote every day -- and tell your friends -- if you want to attain rock-god status when the contest ends November 18th!

For some advice on nailing the lick, here's Paul Riario:

"I begin bar 1 with three sets of 16th-note triplets and a staccato eighth note. The eighth note is always played on the high E string, so string-skips from the B or G strings are required.

"To skip strings cleanly, lightly mute them with your fretting hand near the bridge, as you would when palm muting. This will help prevent idle strings from being sounded as you move the pick from one string to another."

The tempo is 94 beats per minute, 68 for slow practice.

Be sure to check out Lick of the Day, a free download for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch available at the App Store.