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Model of Elvis Presley's Teeth — with 'King's Crown' — to Be Auctioned

More news from the dental files:

Remember when John Lennon's tooth was auctioned off a few months ago? It was purchased by a dentist for more than $30,000 in November.

Well, according to ABC News, a model of Elvis Presley’s teeth, along with a crown made for the King by his former Memphis dentist, Henry J. Weiss, will be up for grabs as of Februarry 25.

The one-of-a-kind item (for lack of a better word) –- which will be auctioned by Omega Auctions -- is estimated to bring in at least $15,000.

Weiss was Presley’s dentist until 1971. Legend has it that, in February 1971, he was called upon when Presley cracked his crown on a microphone while performing at the International Hotel, now the Hilton, in Las Vegas. He called the crown the “King’s Crown.”

The model of the King’s teeth is enclosed in a glass showcase.