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Mr. Black unveils its latest ultra-versatile BBD modulation pedal, the Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe

Mr. Black Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe
(Image credit: Mr. Black)

Portland-based pedal company Mr. Black has announced its latest feature-packed stompbox – the Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe.

As its name suggests, the new pedal is a Bucket Brigade-powered chorus and pitch vibrato unit, boasting variable base delay-time and a host of other handy features.

An expansion of Mr. Black's three-knob Analog Chorus/Vibrato, the new pedal adds Shine (high-end roll-off) and Lag (BBD delay) knobs, a tap-tempo footswitch and four selectable analog waveforms – Triangle, Square, Sine and Glitch/Random. 

These controls – in conjunction with a Wet/Dry mix knob and Width and Rate dials, the latter of which boasts an LFO speed range between 60ms and 2.36s – allow for the creation of a pretty diverse range of sounds. 

The company also claims the unit has “incredible fidelity, headroom, and dynamic content”, and can run at up to 18V DC.

The Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe is available now for $329.95. For more information, head over to Mr. Black Pedals.

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