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Nice distortion, bro: J. Rockett’s Broverdrive conjures dirt tones that go from “mild to wild”

(Image credit: J. Rockett Audio Designs)

J. Rockett Audio Designs has unveiled the Broverdrive, promising “single-coil chewiness to heavier humbucker driven tones” that go from “mild to wild.”

The new overdrive pedal boasts controls for LevBro, BroGain and BroTone (decipher those names on your own, bro).

There’s also a stainless steel enclosure, true bypass switching and a self-serviceable replaceable speedswitch for on-the-spot repairs.

As for what it sounds like?

Well, here’s what it doesn’t sound like: “We wanted to make something that wasn’t another derivative of a tube amp in a box or another Tube Screamer copy,” said J. Rockett’s Chris Van Tassel. 

The Broverdrive is available now for $199.

For more information or to purchase, head to J. Rockett Audio Designs.