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Noodle away on this one-of-a-kind ramen guitar

Sure, instant ramen noodles are tasty, cheap and easy to cook. But who knew that they’re also something you can rock out with?

Apparently, Art Mayer of Russia’s Copper Guitars did. In his YouTube video – titled, rather self-explanatorily – “I Build a Guitar Out of 36 Ramen Noodle Packs” – he does just that.

The ingenious electric guitar build starts with 36 packs of uncooked ramen noodle bricks, which are treated with five liters of polyester resin to form a hard, glass-like structure.

Mayer then cuts and sands a Strat-like body out of the hardened material (he even sprinkles in the ramen’s flavor packets to add some sparkle to the finish).

Next, he attaches a maple neck, pops in some electronics – including a Babicz tremolo and a set of Fokin pickups – and, voila! We have the world’s first and only ramen noodle guitar.

As for how it sounds? Well, check out the video to see for yourself.

And stay tuned for Mayer’s next build – a lasagna Les Paul (we hope).