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Review: DiMarzio PAF Master Bridge and Neck Pickups — Video

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If you spend any time listening to players who own vintage guitars with original PAF pickups, you’ll inevitably hear them extoll the virtues of Seth Lover’s humbucking creation for its full-range tone and clarity.

In fact, some collectors will shell out five-figure sums for a true vintage set or pay top dollar for clones from any number of boutique pickup manufacturers to capture the spectrum of its mythical sound.

Not too long ago, DiMarzio released its PAF 36th Anniversary pickup, a re-engineered humbucker powerhouse with detailed complexity and sweetness, proving real PAF magic doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag or period-correct components.

Building upon that success are the brand-new DiMarzio PAF Master Bridge and Neck pickups, which pay tribute to Lover’s pioneering design but with a slightly hotter output and richer dynamics.

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Paul Riario

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