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Ruokangas Unveils the Valvebucker, the “Only Tube-Driven Electric Guitar Pickup in the World”

Finland-based guitar maker Ruokangas has unveiled what the company is claiming is the “only tube-driven electric guitar pickup in the world.”

Dubbed the Valvebucker, the pickup features a tube-amplified active preamp circuit sporting triode and pentode NOS tubes. There’s also a three-way switch for different sounds, a volume, a tone knob and an additional boost switch.

The Valvebucker is powered by an XLR microphone cable running from a floor unit that is the size of a standard effect pedal and is powered by a 12V AC supply. The floor unit also features a second input to connect a standard-pickup-equipped guitar, as well as a true-bypass A/B switch to alternate between the instruments. 

For more information on the Valvebucker, as well as audio samples of the pickup in action, head over to Ruokangas.