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Skreddy Pedals’ Super 100 preamp seeks to conjure British-style tube roar

Skreddy Pedals' Super 100 emulates a cranked Marshall
(Image credit: Skreddy Pedals)

Skreddy Pedals has released the new Super 100, the latest offering in the company’s amp emulator series.

The new pedal is designed to emulate the “roar” of a cranked Marshall 100-watt guitar amp, with Skreddy founder and designer Marc Ahlfs aiming to “nail Page's live sound with a Les Paul and Hendrix's with a Stratocaster.” 

Features include volume, drive, a three-band EQ and a sag knob, the last of which controls the optical compressor/limiter circuit to either tighten up the output (clockwise) or open the tone for full, punchy dynamics (counter-clockwise).

The Super 100 is available for $239. For more information, head to Skreddy Pedals.