Best guitar amps 2024: tube, solid-state and modeling amplifiers for all levels and budgets

More than anything in your signal chain, your amp defines the overall characteristic of your tone. You can have the most expensive custom shop guitar and all the boutique stompboxes you like, but ultimately you’ll need one of the best guitar amps to achieve your dream guitar tone.


PRS MT15 Mark Tremonti | Tube head | 15W | JJ EC83S, 6L6
The MT 15 follows the standard lunchbox amp blueprint, packing in two channels and switchable output power to make for an ideal tool for practice, recording, and small shows. It’s clearly towards higher gain fans, with the 6L6 power amp tubes dealing up plenty of saturation
Guitar World Score: 4.5/5

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Marshall DSL40CR | Tube combo | 40W | 4 x ECC83, 2 x EL34 | 1x12” Celestion V-Type
The Marshall DSL40CR aims to give you the classic sound of a Marshall 4x12 in a much more usable format. Tonally versatile and portable, the DSL40CR is an all-tube tone monster that offers excellent value for money for gigging guitarists.
Guitar World Score: 4.5/5

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Blackstar HT Club 40 | Tube combo | 40W | ECC83, EL34 | 1x 12” Celestion
The Blackstar HT Club 40 has been the standard for mid-priced tube amps for a while now thanks to its foot-switchable voices. These voices offer an American or British-leaning tonality, meaning you essentially get four amp tones in one.
Guitar World Score: 4.5/5

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Victory V40 The Duchess | Tube head | 40W | 12AX7, EL34
Despite its small size, the Victory V40 can produce some serious noise. It’s a 40-watt, single-channel tube head that is capable of both US and UK style tones, and thanks to its significant clean headroom, is an exceptional pedal platform too.
Guitar World Score: 5/5

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