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Ted Nugent Endorses Mitt Romney for President

Every four years, the rock world gets even more politically charged than usual when election fever sweeps the country.

One of the few rockers on the far right of the political spectrum is the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, who recently took to his Twitter account to endorse Mitt Romney for President.

"After a long heart & soul conversation with Mitt Romney today," he wrote, "I concluded this good man will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him."

This comes mere weeks after Megadeth's Dave Mustaine first endorsed, then denied his endorsement of Rick Santorum. Of Romney, Mustaine said, "I've got to tell you, I was floored the other day to see that Mitt Romney's five boys have a $100 million trust fund. Where does a guy make that much money? So there's some questions there."

It wasn't all praise from Nugent's camp, either, as the guitarist would say Friday in The Texas Tribunue that he would have preferred Texas governor Rick Perry, who is now out of the race.

"If the real Rick Perry had been at those debates, he would still be in the race," he told the newspaper. "It is my firm belief that Rick Perry would have [made] and would make the best president we could choose."

You can read the full interview here, and argue politics in the comments.