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A children's book about pedal collecting exists and it's called My Daddy Has 100 Pedals

My Daddy Has 100 Pedals
(Image credit: Billy Cardigan)

As guitarists, we're no stranger to the topic of gear acquisition syndrome. But we rarely discuss how it affects those around us. 

Billy Cardigan, host of YouTube's Effects & Pedals Arena Corner, has attempted to touch on the subject with My Daddy Has 100 Pedals, a children's book told through the lens of a pedal-mad dad's child.

Inspired by Dr. Seuss, the book collates several humorous nods to pedal collecting culture and features vibrant, child-like illustrations.

Cardigan recently teased the book on the Facebook page of Shy Boyz, a parody performance art group of which he's a member.

This isn't the first pedal-themed book Cardigan has written. He also released Obtuse Chambers, a stompbox-inspired 12-page collection of five stories, in 2017.

My Daddy Has 100 Pedals is available now for pre-order for $15, and ships mid-February. For more information, head over to Shy Boyz' Bandcamp page.

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