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This fearless guitarist has been dressing up as a headless horseman and playing acoustic while riding a bike

We’re all pretty familiar with headless guitars, but how about a headless guitarist?

Meet Matthew Dunkle, who has been riding around the town of Concord, Massachusetts on a bicycle while dressed as the headless horseman – and strumming an acoustic guitar.

Sounds difficult? It is. 

As he told local news station WBZ, “I’m pedaling. I’m going up hills. I’m going down hills. I’m exerting myself. I’m sweating profusely under this costume right now.”

Man rides bicycle while headless and playing guitar

(Image credit: Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Nevertheless, Dunkle is committed to his craft. “I don’t get paid to do this,” he says. “I get home from work, I’m tired and I dust myself off and I put on the suit and I go out there and I dig into it.”

But it’s worth it. As he told KLTV, “I’ve always wanted to reach out and build community through my music, and my talent, and my enthusiasm."

Which doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. “I have fallen, yes,” Dunkle says.

Dunkle plans on retiring the costume after Halloween, so if you want to catch a glimpse of the Headless Horseman get to Concord, stat. 

Just watch out for bikers who can’t see you coming…