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This Indonesian YouTuber’s acoustic fingerstyle cover of Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine is driving guitarists wild

Guns N’ Roses official video for Sweet Child O’ Mine currently has more than a billion views of YouTube. But coming up fast is Indonesian YouTuber Alip_Ba_Ta’s fingerstyle acoustic guitar cover version, which has generated over a million views in a just a week – and deservedly so.

Though little is known about Alip_Ba_Ta (according to Classic Rock, he's a forklift driver from Jakarta, Indonesia), one thing that is undeniable is that he’s a ridiculously talented picker. 

As demonstrated on his Sweet Child cover, his flawless technique and extraordinary arranging skills, molding the song’s lead and rhythm guitars, bass line, vocal and, in some spots, percussion, into one smooth and flowing (not to mention incredibly musical sounding) six-string part, is nothing short of astounding.

In fact, he’s already inspired a wave of reaction videos from other amazed YouTubers.

You can check out Alip_Ba_Ta’s version, which he performs on a Cort acoustic in D B G C A D tuning, above.

And for more of his amazing covers, including Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Avenged Sevenfold's Dear God and Europe's The Final Countdown, head to Alip_Ba_Ta’s official YouTube page.